I Love You Greeting Cards & Text Messages for Mobile Phone:

Here are some ecards for your love to tell and you really feel. The question of love is hard to put into words, so send our animated text message greeting cards.

Love General

Animated Love General - 16 Ecards.

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Gleaming Love

Gleaming Love - 4 Ecards.


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Kiss of Love - 7 Ecards.

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New Love - 7 Ecards.

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Love Proposal - 9 Ecards.

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Just Say

Say with Love - 10 Ecards.

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Love Tunes - 4 Ecards.

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Love Greeting Cards Text Messages:

Love is the most empowering and beautiful emotion that rules the hearts of millions of world over. Love quotes are the expressions of love and attraction that enable you to express and view love from a different perspective. Love is life and no one can live without it. For this reason, so much has been said and written about the word ‘love’. Love Quotes are words of wisdom that you share with your sweetheart and they will know the true feelings you feel for them. There are various phases of love like infatuation, companionate love, passions, attraction, and romantic love. Love quotes are written in various ways but the crux is always love. Love quotes generate enthusiasm and encouraging you to move ahead on the path of love.

Love quotes and text message ecard to Cell phone help you find solutions when things are not going smoothly. They are found effective in inspiring and stimulating your partner. They are designed to seduce your senses and thoughts. They are capable of making positive changes in your life.

Reading or listening to love quotes gives you a higher level of perspective in life. Popular Love quotes coming straight from the heart of some of the most celebrated writers, loyal friends, artists, noted poets, entertainers, famous personalities, great thinkers, philosophers; these heart-touching and sentimental romantic quotes will stir up the passions and make you fondly cuddle with you love mate.

  • Love elevates feelings of agony to ecstasy. Love can do some of the craziest and most amazing business inspiration.
  • Love makes you happier than ever before, sadder than ever before, angrier than ever before.
  • You can almost simultaneously pick up and leave off. As we can see all the feelings associated with love, finding the words to explain these feelings, is a pretty tough order.
  • People have been trying for centuries to find the right path, saying "I love you" and these butterflies in the belly try to explain the fuzzy feeling of the fire in the stomach and heart's head.
  • One thing we know is that if you want to be loved and lost or won, it will not be dubbed.
  • Here is a small inspiration and you will tell your love to really feel real. The question of love is hard to grasp in words.
  • Raising feelings of love to what ecstasy. Love can inspire us and make some of the craziest amazing pieces of art. Love makes you happier than ever before, sadder than ever.
  • You can find info and lift fast at the same time. While on emotions she can be connected with love, the words Bern, this explains to feelings, it is a pretty hard order.
  • Humans have been trying to tell the right people the way to Bern, saying "I love you" and trying to put these butterflies in the belly that feels a cozy feeling of fire in the stomach and heart.
  • One was we know is that "ideal, loved and lost or won, He will have no doubt.