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Eid ul-Fitr

Send Free Ecards to Mobile Phone Send Eid Mubarak ecards to mobile phone Via Text Messages


Anniversary - Anniversaries are special. It brings happiness and old memories back. From sharing dreams together to smiling at good old times are indeed the best part of anniversaries. Wish your favorite ones on this day love, harmony, and everlasting smiles. Let the good things in life be better with each passing year. Wish them a perfect love life with these specially designed anniversary mobile greeting cards.

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Birthday - Birthdays are the most special days of our lives. We send your heartiest greetings to our loved ones. Let us illuminate the birthday of each one with joy, love, wishes, celebrations, and blessings. May each year be more amazing than the year before and getting older bring more fun and happiness in life. Send your personal mobile phone birthday card through text message to a cell phone with these personalized birthday e-cards.

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Baby Shower

Baby Shower - Babies are the cutest sweetest and most amazing gifts of God. Here is to wish the lucky ones all the best for an adventurous journey as parents. May the baby give you a lifetime of happiness. Send your wishes through cute ecards.

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Happy Journey

Happy journey - Wish all your travel bug friends good luck, safe travel, and adventure which knows no bounds. Wherever they go let new oceans be discovered. Let their lives be filled with new experiences and stories to share. Wish them all the best with our perfect ecards by text message.

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Friendship - A true friend is a rarest and most precious gift in life. It is hard to find a true friend. Lucky are the ones who find one. No matter how far they are physically but in heart, they are the closest. True friends are valuable, beautiful, and prized possession. To wish your friends every time you miss them, we have mobile ecards specially designed with your customized messages.

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Love - The greatest Bond is that of companionship. The strongest relation happens with trust, mental match, and magical moments together. Real love is hard to find. True love understands your pain and trusts your smile. Love is the greatest treasure of life. Send free greeting cards by text messages.

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Sorry - By admitting your mistake, by acknowledging your faults, by apologizing in a humble manner, and by asking for forgiveness you become a more worthy person. You might have forgotten an important date or to express gratitude for forgiving your wrong deeds in many ways you need to say sorry. Choosing soft sincere and gentle words of apology text messages through ecards is the best way. The colorful picture and meaningful words will show your genuineness.

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Thank You

Thank You - This is definitely the most magical word in our lives. We use this word the most when we genuinely feel thanked. We can thank people for being your reason to smile. You may thank for brightening your world. You can thank anyone as a gesture of kindness and good manners for expression of gratitude, for showing appreciation and gratefulness we thank someone. You can send greeting cards to thank someone from this site.

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Miss You

Miss you - When you realize that you miss someone badly when something good or bad happens and you want to share something with that special someone and that person isn't present then your world goes upside down. your life just isn't right without them. When the hardest thing is to stop thinking about that person when the sun of your life stops shining without him or her the best thing would be sending your thoughtful message through ecards.

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Good Night

Good night-as a busy day ends and you retire to your bed waiting for another beautiful day you wish your friends a very good night. As the hectic day gets over and you close your eyes and imagine that your bright and beautiful one is beside you, all your tiredness fades, your worries and tension vanishes and you comfort yourself and spread love and happiness to your loved ones with your soft good night wishes animated text messages.

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Good Morning

Good morning-wish that every morning leads to a great day. Let every morning have something special awaiting your loved ones. let new strength new power new awakening fill everyone's life with every passing dawn. May all good souls wake up every morning to achieve what they want all throughout the day. Our thoughtful greetings come in the form of e-cards waiting for you to touch and send through mobile phone.

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Get Well Soon

Get well soon-the only moment when we desperately seek the blessings of almighty is when we are unwell. We need friends and family to be there as a support, to pray for us, care for us and
think of us. Similarly, our loved ones need our good wishes to be in the pink of health and spirits. Thinking and wishing for the speedy recovery of our most cared ones can be sent through our ecards. Let them take extra good care of themselves and get well soon.

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Sympathy-man is mortal. Death is the biggest truth of life. The only thing that hits us hard is parting with a loved one. They can be gone from our sight but not from our minds. May your thoughts and prayers heal others in difficult times. Let your condolences yield comfort and lessen the pain. Send your prayers and wishes during the difficult times through our ecards and messages.

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Wedding - Congratulate your best ones through text messages e-cards from our website. May the Spectacular love story be an everlasting one. Marriage is a glorious bond. May the tying of knot be the best adventure till the end of time. May they be blessed with unconditional love and Unity forever. Sending best wishes to the lovely couple for spending their life together could mean a lot to them.

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Greeting Cards Through Mobile Phone:

All Greeting Cards are Android, iPhone, Windows Phones supported. Animated Text Message Greeting Cards that carry the message of your emotions to the recipient mobile phone. May it be Valentine's Day, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy married life, for your girlfriend boyfriend, brother, sister, mother, father, best friend, husband, wife, auntie, uncle, in-laws, for all relations and all occasions. You may also download it and send it through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. We have created this ecards for you all to send to your dear ones on all occasions and everyday good wishes.